July 7, 2018

Do You Deliver What You Promise or Just Pretend To For Your Business?

Authenticity Check

Authenticity is a buzzword that you may get sick of hearing yet it’s a really strong concept wrapped into one single word. That one word describes the level of honesty and truthfulness associated with a brand or a business. If one is truly authentic, their true personality will shine through their marketing materials; their business practices will match their core values and mission statement. Authentic business people deliver what they promise instead of filling their customers with false hope and empty promises.

So, how does one become authentic? As a solopreneur, it really shouldn’t be hard to let your unique personality shine through. When you show your true colors, you will naturally attract a tribe who relates to you and who will hang on your every word, ready to purchase your products. Once your audience knows more about you and likes what you represent, they will become loyal customers (provided you deliver what you promise).

Let’s check your authenticity levels:

  1. Do you prefer to be honest or to spin a story? No one likes to find themselves in the center of a scandal or on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from an irate customer but your level of honesty will greatly dictate how customers react. If you’re honest about a mistake, customers will likely understand whereas if you start spinning a story and seem to distance yourself from the problem, they may see you as uncaring and only out to make money. Which is the real you? Let that shine through, even if you have to take a hit because a mistake was your fault.
  2. Do you truly care about your audience or do you just want to make a buck? Customers are smart; they will know and will call you out on bad experiences related to your brand. Caring about your customers means you will make their buying process as easy as possible in addition to creating products and service packages that solve their problems. This adds a human (aka authentic) touch to their experience which can lead them to becoming loyal customers.
  3. Have you identified your core values and mission statement? Both of these items are important cornerstones to your business. Who do you want to help and how do you plan to do that? What core values are most important to you? How will you express those core values to your clients and customers? Incorporating these values into your business will attract your tribe to you and will contribute to the heartfelt experience I mentioned above.

In the end, authenticity involves being your true self, not developing a persona that you think your ideal clients want to see. You’re not an actor taking on different roles nor are you a politician spinning stories to gain votes. You’re a business owner developing a business based on truthfulness and by earning your clients’ trust. The quickest way to do that is to be your authentic self by sharing the good and the bad with your ideal audience.

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